Launceston Aquatic Centre… Slide on in!!

The Launceston Aquatic Centre… I’ve been meaning to write about that!  There’s so many things to do in Tasmania, that I sometimes get overwhelmed.


But the Ulverstone water slide (mentioned in the Tasmanian North West Coast article) has reminded me, so here’s a quick peek before I forget (again!!)…

Launceston Aquatic Centre - Water Slide

The water slide at the Launceston Aquatic Centre

Launceston Aquatic Centre & Water Slide

The sparkling new-ish centre in Tasmania’s northern city of Launceston, at the heart of the Tamar Valley region,  has pretty much everything you could want for a fun day of water sport.  For summer weather, the outdoor area boasts a beach entry leisure pool as well as the separate water slide.

Launceston Aquatic Centre - Outdoor Beach Entry

Outdoor beach entry leisure pool, Launceston Aquatic Centre

Swimming Pool and Diving

More adventurous Tasmanians (and tourists!) can jump or dive from the diving boards into the 25m outdoor lap pool.  Closely monitored by a Launceston Aquatic Centre life guard, the deep end of the pool gets cordoned off, leaving lanes in the other half open for swimming.

Launceston Aquatic Centre - Diving Boards

Diving boards: 25m outdoor lap pool, Launceston

Indoor Heated Pools

For some, including little tackers, a more sedate and warmer swim might be required.  Like its outdoor counterpart, the heated indoor pool also has a graded beach entry.


The nearby Programs Pool is designed for rehabilitation and water therapy and can be accessed via a sloping ramp.

Launceston Aquatic Centre - Heated Pools

Younger children enjoy the heated, indoor Launceston Aquatic pools

Launceston Aquatic Centre Fees

A single visit to the Launceston Aquatic Centre will set you back $5-70 for adults, $4-30 for children and $1-70 for toddlers.  Infants under two are free.  If you want to try the water slide, you can buy single rides for $0-60 each; or invest in a multiple ride pass (up to 16 rides for $7-80).  The same multiple ride pass can be used for more than one person.

Launceston Aquatic Centre - Water Slide Ticket

Ticket to ride the water slide at the Launceston Aquatic Centre

For more information about opening hours, swimming programs
and events, visit the Launceston Aquatic Centre website.

Map: Launceston Aquatic Centre…


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