House Rules: Renovating Reality in Tassie

Channel Seven are currently casting for an exciting new TV renovating show called House Rules.  They’ve asked us if we’ll help find someone from Tasmania to feature.  Of course, we jumped at the opportunity, because we love to see Tassie represented on reality shows… it’s another great avenue to bring attention to the state.

House Rules - Renovating Delight

Do you own a renovator’s delight? Channel Seven want you for House Rules (Photo by Dan Fellow)

House Rules: Bring Channel Seven to Tasmania

For House Rules, Channel Seven are looking for Tasmanian people who own a home that’s in dire need of renovation.  The contestants will have to roll their sleeves up and actually do the renovating themselves.  So if you want to renovate your fixer-upper into a dream home… this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

House Rules - Channel Seven Renovating Show

Channel Seven are casting for their new reality renovating show, House Rules

Contestants selected for House Rules will have the the entire costs of their renovation covered by Channel Seven.  You don’t have to be a make-over expert; but if you have a fun and vibrant personality, a little skill and a keen sense of how you’d like to transform your house… you could be exactly what they’re looking for.

What Are the Channel Seven House Rules?

To be eligible for House Rules, you must…

  • own and live in a house that needs completely renovating
  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be energetic and passionate about renovating
  • form a team with a close relative or friend who’s willing
    to also get their hands dirty
  • have some form of experience in building, renovating,
    DIY, design or home improvements
  • be available for a filming period of up to 14 weeks
    from January 2013


So does this sound like you?  Maybe you know the perfect person to represent Tasmania in the renovating reality show?  Share this around with all your friends, and let’s get Tassie on the TV.  You can apply for House Rules online, or contact Sally Brown from Channel Seven Casting.

And one last thing we must mention… Sally tells us there is a “life-changing” prize up for grabs.  There’s a bit more incentive, if you needed any.  So dust off your hammers and your floor-sanders; take some photos (or shoot a video, even) and lodge an application that Channel Seven simply can’t ignore!

Applications close September 14… and be sure to tell Channel Seven
that Think Tasmania sent you. We want to interview the lucky
candidates and talk up your chances of winning that prize.

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  1. Joanne Reid says:

    my Home desperately needs help.ring back please 0481313505

  2. Mujtaba Mokhtar says:

    Just wondering if you’d also be doing any series in NSW?


    • As we understand it Mujtaba, Channel 7 were looking for a team to represent Tasmania when they approached us last year about this story. You would think then that they would have also been looking for teams in other states of Australia at the same time.

  3. Natalie says:

    If you are doing any work in Sydney we have a 3 bedroom house that you may wish to use for your renovation show. It is an original 70’s brick veneer home. My partner has building experience. 0487 744 753. Thank you

    • Just to reiterate again Natalie… applications for this opportunity closed 14 September 2012, but maybe Channel 7 will have another series next year. It’s terrific that so many people are finding this article now that the show is being promoted on TV (so contestants have been chosen and filming is already underway obviously). Sorry to say, but this time around, you’re all too late!!

  4. Please please help me build a new house for my 6 months old daughter. I live in a house which is more then 50 years old. It’s very old and very smelly. My greatest wish would be a brand new house. Please call me on 0421034898. Very Urgent!!! Help help help.. Thank you.

  5. Llyla Rix says:

    If this new show is successful please keep me in mind if you do a show at the Gold Coast; Tweed Heads area
    keep up the entertainment Llyla

  6. We should point out once again, that this opportunity closed in September 2012. Way back then, Think Tasmania was promoting the show at the request of Channel 7, so all pleas for inclusion or consideration should be directed to them. We wish you all well, and hope that all your renovation dreams come true. So many worthy candidates, so few chances! Does anyone read these replies?

  7. whats the song you guys use in the ch 7 commercial

  8. rosaline lahausse says:

    hi i have an ex commision house in cranbourne my partner is a dissable person he trys so hard to help me in renovating but because of his injuries he just cant make ends meet,i would apreciate house rules the oppertunity to help a real person,it is a great challenge this house it was built around the 70,s.i really hope we can atleast be in with a chance and also make a person who believes he is finished as a person redeem himself.thanks rosaline

  9. stacey caldwell says:

    I live in boonah Queensland 4310. My home is in desperate need of your help please contact me via e-mail if ever you end up in the great south east.

    Kind regard
    Stacey Caldwell

  10. Donna Roberts says:

    We have come through the Bundaberg floods and fixed upthe house in the exclusion zone. We have 3 18 year old boys to help and one has certificates in construction, the rest are willing labourers as am I we have 8 living under our roof as we took in 2 from the floods. My husbands works for QR and has trouble finding the time but would take long service leave. Everyone in Bundy who travels on the trains knows him well so would follow the program.There has to be a light at the end of the tunnel for us, so much bad has happened we want this house to be our forever home. We have two 18 year olds that graduated last year so are free all the time

  11. Jeremiah mclaren says:

    Hi we live in cooroibah noosa Qld , I have a 5acre and a 5bedroon house, but it’s a shed being converted to a house, with a second floor, cleared through council, I’m solely renovating our home with the help from my wife and kids… I have 6 kids from15yrs old to 8 month old twins.. I work in the mines so I only get a small window to renovate between shifts. I would love to be able to Finnish our home ASAP but I need help to do so. It’s a big job but its worth it… Thank you

  12. Jacky & Anthony Middling says:

    I live in Melbourne in a suburb called Meadow Heights my husband is my handyman and now he is not well and our home is very run down our house is about 30years old can you please HELP US.

  13. Gareth jones says:

    We live in nth qld our house was build in 1954 I have done my best to make it a nice place but because I’m not very good at renovating I need help I’m 63 so if you are ever looking for some where in the Mackey area nth qld it would be great to have soon help love these kind of shows cheers ph 0428944325

  14. Hi im an adult apprentice who has a house that desperately needs renovations but cant do much to it as im still
    An apprentice and wages arnt the biggest yet i live in nsw blacktown

  15. Hi, My partner and myself are first home buyers with our first child. Wondering if they would be doing a reno in Queensland. We are in the greata little town of Bundaberg and my partner has been through time in and out of work. Nearly losing our house. Would be great to surprise him, Thanks 0422098792

  16. I can’t believe all you people don’t read what’s been posted in here!! Applications closed last September.

    May I say though, it’s a shame it wasn’t promoted better. I would have loved to have applied. My house is 113 years old and could do with a renovation!

    If you’re going to do another series, PLEASE promote it better – particularly on TV. I live in SA btw. :)

  17. Jolanda stradmann says:

    I’m jolanda stradmann I live in Mackey Qld I’ve been in my house for ten years unfortunately can’t afford to renovate the home. would love for u to change what ever you can’. Also have three dogs . my sister live with me this house need a uplift it would be great if you would consider picking my house we only work to pay bills

  18. Jolanda stradmann says:

    I’m jolanda stradmann I live in Mackey Qld I’ve been in my house for ten years unfortunately can’t afford to renovate the home. would love for u to change what ever you can’. Also have three dogs . my sister live with me this house need a uplift it would be great if you would consider picking my house we only work to pay bills . Do you do a series in far north Queensland this year. my house is 30year old contact me on 0422496650 thank you

  19. Calvin oliver says:

    Hi my name is calvin,
    my house is in a state of a new reonvation, i have a new baby and bills over flowing,defiantly cant afford to renovate. please pick us and help my little family get back on track if you are coming to gladstone central Queenslands please consider to pick me.

  20. Masina Faalelea says:

    Just enquiring when is the next application for the next show, 2013. I’ll definitely be watching this one!!!!! 😀




  23. linda carsley says:

    Come to howard qld near hervey bay great old country town with old value style. Old fashion coutry charm old homes that need love revamped back into them mine included hahaha

  24. Hi, My house need desperately renovate,i have 3 bedroom 1 bathroom 1 toilet,I try,but have no time to work on it,also financially is not good working at night shift,only me working,my wife full time looking after our 4 kid, 2,3, wife due next month, is there any possibility to register my house to house rule

  25. coco yan says:

    hi, my house is in Moe victoria, when will the next episode in vic? I newly bought this old house, i think over 50 years old, and URGENTLY need renovation the whole thing. It is a double block jointed one old style house, my partner is a disabled pensioner and i don’t know much about renovation. It is very hard for both of us to fix all the problems in the house. Is there any possiblility to register my house to house rule? Thank you very much and look forward hearing from you soon. Regards.

  26. Christeen says:

    My House need a make over very old we have had so many downs in our live’s not funny we need something to make us happy. We live in Berkeley NSW

    • linda carsley says:

      well we live in A little country town neAr hervey bAy And our home is loved but it need A hole lot more thAt we just cAnt find. i hAve got to the point sometimes thAT i will never hAve the love left in me to do the job or the money

  27. Justine Creed says:

    Hi Sally,
    I would like to take this oppertunity to apply for the show on behalf of my best friend of over 30 years.Her name is Sandra, let me just give you a little run down on why I think she deserves an oppertunity like this. Sandra while still raising a family, later in life put herself through university to become a special needs teacher, during which time she lost her beloved father & went through a very messy divorce.Still she kept going scrapped together enough money to start again and has just bought herself a home in Margate Qld. Then I became very ill and had to give up work for a couple of years and have major surgery as well as a relationship breakdown, she has taken me into her home and has been helping me recover.She also helps an elderly friend who lives accross the road,and now her mother is in ill health and as it is getting harder for her stepfather to take care of her mother wants to bring her to live here also so she can help support her mother and stepfather. The home Sandra has bought is very old & run down & only has three small bedrooms and one bathroom, a kitchen that is falling apart (even the oven doesn’t work), with a garage underneath. Sandra really needs to renovate, she has all the ideas of how to make her home liveable for everyone but with only one wage as you can imagine money is tight.While she has been battleing and saving to try to make it all happen for her family tragedy struck her family again, her older sister Karen lost her husband of 40years suddenly at the end of last year, again Sandra came to the rescue and helped her sister sell her family home and buy a smaller one closer to the rest of the family. Then when Karen this month finally moved into her new home, thinking she was back on track they found a lot of problems with Karens place too and again no money to fix it, now Karen who is in ill health herself has to find work to be able to support herself & fix the home she has just bought, she was told by centerlink she is not elidgable for the widows pension. Look this family has had so much tragedy in the past 18 months and both these girls do so much for the community and there family and friends. I would dearly love to see them get a little bit back. Sally if you could take the time to contact me I could go more into depth about everything they have gone through, I know I said a little rundown and even though this seems a long request letter let me assure you compared to what they have gone through it is. Please Please Please take the time to consider this family for the show as I truley would love to help them in some way, they have helped me & so many others so much with everything I have gone through (and I have also been through a lot but it’s not about me)even through there own hardships.I don’t think I know anyone who deserves a helping hand more then this family.Please Please Help them. Many Thanks Justine From Margate Qld

  28. Georgia Mamouzis says:

    I live in a solid brick Californian Bungalow.
    It is about 90 years old and in desparate
    need of renovation. Please consider my house
    for your next episode of House Rules.
    Please help from Georgia from Victoria.

  29. INEZ KALNINS says:

    Hi there,

    If your needing a unit to renovate, you looking at the right one here. Have been in it for 30yrs approx and sadly because of being on a Disability been unable to do anything major to it. You can do what you will with it, any improvement would be an improvement, its that woeful. Maybe not this time round but next time if your looking for a property in Perth to do what you will with it would be a dream come true.

    Many thanks Inez of Perth on 0438195717. Cheers love the show

  30. Jacqui says:

    If there is a second season of house rules my partner and I would love to be apart of it! We don’t actually own our own home but still live with my parents who my father who had suffered from cancer for the past 10 years and my mother who had 3 strokes can’t afford or actually do the work themselves to renovate there 4 bedroom 1970s house over the years my partner and I have tried to slowly get things done but just simply can’t afford it so we would be happy to join the show and volunteer our time to take the stress of my parents when they have so much more to worry about. We are in north east Victoria.

  31. Donald Ritesh Chand says:

    Hi there, I live in western Sydney, bought a house from a real estate, which turned out to be disaster as everything from out looked ok but as soon as we moved in, couple of months later found out that the house is falling apart from inside. Will really appreciate if my house can be considered for the next show. I think not just me but lot of people living in western Sydney will appreciate Chanel 7 to come and do this kind of show around this area.

    Kind Regards

  32. Douglas TABARIAS says:

    I’m all alone & 62 years old – the house is neglected & not maintain – barly have enough money 2 survive mortgage money & day 2 day meals . Please help me 2 bring my house Back 2 life – all my life I did not have any luck – I’m just a jink . Would U help me bring my house back 2 life where I was once proud off

  33. paul lovell says:

    hi I know I am probably way to late to submit this but hear I go eny way. I have had bard luck all my life an really struggled whith the loss of meny close frends an family . an two failed marages . an have been struggling finantualy for years . and I have been remared now since erly dec 2012 an am still trying to get my wife hear whith me from Thailand what a mental nightmair of stress an finantual pressure especialy being apart for long periods of time. but back to my house it was bilt in the erly 60’s an I bort it some 17 years ago an had nothing but problems. an it seems that insurance companys do not cover enything that go;s rong such as hot water sistems termite problems that just wont go away exc. I do every one elses repears an maintenance an things for every one else but never have the time or money to fix my house. I whould love to have my house termite free an fixed by time I get my wife back hear to live whith me. I have told her I will do the kitchen an bathroom as soon as I can but I just do not know when ill ever be able to do so. eny how thanks I hope to hear some good news one of these days. bye for now paul.

  34. lyn treeby says:

    hi guys have 3 bedder brick veneer in melbourne suburb croydon, corner block , house is solid land is flat easy area,i am a ceramic tiler . hope to hear from u . cheers

  35. my mum is very good and stu as well be happy for them

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