Festivale Giveaway: Win Two 3-Day Passes

We told you there would be more prizes to win via Think Tasmania, and we’re pleased to announce a Festivale giveaway as our very first for 2013. It’s quite appropriate really, as the same organising committee were responsible for our final giveaway of 2012 (celebrating New Year in Launceston at Royal Park).

Festivale Giveaway - Launceston City Park

Launceston City Park will come to life in February for the 25th Festivale

Festivale Giveaway: Prize Tickets

Up for grabs in this Festivale giveaway are two 3-day passes retailing for $38 each. Their true value is actually much more (if you bought tickets individually to each of the three days, you would pay $55).  The 3-day passes can only be purchased (or won here!) prior to the event and for a limited time only.

Festivale Giveaway - Entertainment

Enter the Festivale giveaway for a chance to win 3-day passes for all the action

Lou Clark, the Chair of Festivale wrote a guest article for us before last year’s event. She has this to say about 2013 which marks the 25th anniversary of the event…

Established in 1988, Festivale has become a significant part of Tasmania’s food and wine scene. Launceston’s beautiful and stunning City Park gives Festivale so much of its wonderful relaxed picnic-y alfresco flavour. The ambience of this event is unique and it is now highly regarded for showcasing the quality and diversity of the State’s renowned fine food, cool climate wines, boutique beers and entertainment.

This year you can tantalise your tastebuds with offerings from over 75 stallholders, attend a highly informative master class led by an amazing line up of leading Tasmanian industry experts or celebrate Harvest Launceston farmers’ market’s 1st birthday with Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Foundation and Shawn Sheather, resident chef at Australian Good Food and Travel Guide.


Perhaps you might like to sample James Boag’s commemorative Festivale beer, step inside the Tiny Top, marvel at the amazing talent and skills of the international buskers or you can simply throw a rug down on the ground, enjoy a glass of wine and watch the whole event unfold before your eyes.

Thank you to our wonderful, passionate and committed volunteer Committee, our staff and sponsors for helping make Festivale possible. Treat your senses and enjoy the Festivale experience!

We went along to Launceston City Park in February last year, and wrote about the event and the Festivale Photography competition for Think Tasmania. We’ll be attending again in 2013 courtesy of the organising committee, and we’re very much looking forward to it. When Lou speaks of the stunning setting and unique ambiance, she is by no means overstating the case. Festivale is a premier event on the Tasmanian calendar and one that everyone should experience.

Festivale - Tasmanian Produce

Festivale is a celebration in Launceston of fine Tasmanian produce

Win a Pair of 3-Day Passes in this Festivale Giveaway

As we’ve said before, the competition rules on Facebook are all too mind-boggling, so we’re going to keep this in-house.  We’re also going to keep this Festivale giveaway REALLY simple.  If you are subscribed to receive the free newsletter from Think Tasmania, you are eligible to enter.  Apparently a random draw is still allowed in Tasmania without applying for a permit, so here’s what you need to do…

Step 1 – be a subscriber to the FREE newsletter from Think Tasmania*

Step 2 – leave a reply at the bottom of this article.

And that’s it!  Of course if you’d like to follow Festivale on Facebook and share this opportunity with your friends, that would be a good idea too. Caring and sharing about Tasmanian events is always a nice thing to do, and we’d really appreciate the gesture. Events like this one staged by the Festivale team can’t continue without community support; and that’s why we like to get behind them.

Festivale Giveaway - Beer and Wine

Sample James Boag’s commemorative Festivale beer

This will be a random draw, so comments won’t influence the outcome. But if you’d like to leave any feedback about Festivale, or Launceston, or your personal desire to win this Festivale giveaway, or even Think Tasmania… we’d love to read it.

Festivale Giveaway ~ Common Sense Please?

  • Leave a comment on this post by 31st January 2013.  We’ll
    choose a random winner using our website’s giveaway app.
  • The 2 x 3-day passes (valued at $76) are the one and only prize.
  • Fair and reasonable terms and conditions automatically apply.
    So one entry each (our app is able to detect multiple entries).
  • Please apply common sense to all aspects of this Festivale
    giveaway… we’d hate to disqualify someone for being silly.
  • We won’t use your email address for anything sinister, because
    we firmly believe in doing the right thing.  Always.  Don’t you?
  • We’ll announce the winner’s name here,  on Facebook and Twitter.
    We’ll also contact the winner by email & advise Lou at Festivale.
  • We’ll need to arrange delivery of the tickets to the winner by post.


What else do we need to stipulate?  Nothing?  Okay… then it’s over to you.  Comment away!  We wish you all the very best of luck.  And if you’d be kind enough to share this Festivale giveaway opportunity with all your peeps, we’d be extremely happy.  Besides showing a little community spirit by spreading the joy, sharing will also no doubt lead to similar giveaway opportunities in the future. And THAT can only be a good thing for everyone!!

For more information, please visit the Festivale website. You can also follow
Festivale on Facebook or download the Festivale program. Tickets are
available for purchase from the Launceston Travel and Information
Centre or at the gate. 3-day passes similar to those offered in this
Festivale giveaway are only available for pre-purchase for a limited time.
This year’s event will be held at Launceston City Park 8-10 February.

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Comments relevant to this article are always most welcome, just leave a reply below. But first… please confirm the date of this article. Have you found something current, or is this ancient information? Either way, thanks for your company and come back again soon.

Map: City Park, Launceston Tasmania


  1. Hi,

    I haven’t been to Festivale before so hope I’m lucky as would love to experience the event.


  2. Fran Williams says:

    We just live Festivale, even last year we donned our rain coats and headed to to it on the Friday night!

  3. Cathryn G. Gibson says:

    LOVE Festivale – one of my fave events of the year!

  4. Fabulous!

  5. Wayne Rohde says:

    Festivale is a fantastic event. I hope I win this as I live in Stanley and would love to attend this year

  6. Emma Puszkar says:

    Wow! I’ve never been but sounds like a great event!

  7. Faye Inskip says:

    25 years of Festivale … congratulations to all concerned for bringing this tremendous showcase of food and wine to the people of Launceston. Since I re-located to Tasmania from the mainland 6 years ago I have enjoyed this great occasion each summer and am eagerly looking forward to my visit again this year. It would be great to have the opportunity to attend each day.

  8. VICKI SIMM says:

    Pick me, pick me :) I’ll be going even if you don’t! Where young and old combine well

  9. My partner and i love going festivale every year.The music/entertainment and whole atomsphere is a great experience.

  10. Ooooooh would love this!

  11. Always a well organised event.

  12. Eliesha Hill says:

    Would love to finally attend Festivale…would be a great way to start my last year in Tassie.

  13. Attended my first festivale last year and can’t wait to get there and soak up the environment of it again this year

  14. Tracy Edington- Mackay says:

    Will put the tickets to the very best use………. Festivale
    my very favorite event in our Tassie Calendar….Can’t wait..

  15. An amazing event.. would love to have it on the agenda when home visiting again..

  16. Fiona Hutchison says:

    Festivale happily coincides with the week of my birthday and also my daughter’s birthday, and is certainly worth the trip to Launceston to celebrate with family and friends.

  17. I’d love to cover this for Tasmanian Style Magazine!!!

  18. Veronica says:

    Despite my husband and I both being Tasmanians, neither of us have been to Festivale. But we intend to check it out this year :)

    • Congratulations Veronica, your name has been randomly selected as the winner of the Festivale Giveaway. We will be sending you an email to ascertain your mailing address and send you the tickets. Well done… you and your husband are sure to enjoy Festivale, because it’s fantastic!

  19. Denise Griffiths says:

    Its magic.
    One of those special events that the Tasmanians’ do so well.
    Look forward to it each year.

  20. I could always give them to some Taswegan friends

  21. Can’t wait to see Tim Rogers! Will enjoy it even more if I win a free pass!

  22. Can’t wait!

  23. Simone Piva says:

    Love the lead up to Festivale…love all things Tassie!

  24. I love Festivale. It is always a great event to catch up with friends over wonderful wines, good food and fun entertainment.

  25. Festivale is my favorite event in the year!!

  26. Looking forward to the brilliant lineup of Tim Rogers on the Friday night, relaxing on the Saturday watching the street performers and of course enjoying the delectable Tasmanian produce and watching my daughter on stage Irish dancing on the Sunday. It’s a fantastic family weekend.

  27. Wow it’s the 25th anniversary of festivale. I remember when it started in the streets if launceston. Can’t wait for the food, wine and of course the entertainment.

  28. Judanne Simpson says:

    I’ve been to almost every Festivale from the beginning. Even when I moved to Victoria for 6 years, we’d come back every year and I’d go to Festivale and my partner would follow Targa (before it was moved to April). That suited both of us. Roll on February.

  29. john padgett says:

    l have been coming over to Festivale for 7 years and it’s a good chance to catch up with relations and enjoy the food, wine and entertainment…

  30. Rebecca reilly says:

    Got to love festivale

  31. Love Festivale! Supporting Tas produce and our fantastic wines on a summer evening with all of your friends (and half of Tassie) what could be better!

  32. Judi Adams says:

    Festivale is the place to be, enjoying Launceston and summer festivity, With friends and family

  33. We love Festivale, great food, wine and entertainment in the most beautiful location.

  34. I have been going to Festavle for as long as I remember and wouldn’t consider missing a year for the rest of my life! Festivale is the ultimate showcase of Tasmanian cuisine, cuisine that rivals any across the globe. Tasmania is a very special place.
    I have even worked out that I may have been concieved the same weekend as festivale, 25 years ago! Therefore we share the same birthday!
    As a child we would set up a picnic rug on friday nights and use this as a base with my parents. This allowed us to listen to the fantastic live music while enjoying great food. Festivale, is a safe event for families as I always felt safe to wander around. From then on Friday night remains as ‘family night’ in our family. Saturday night thus became a night to be celebrated with friends. Festivale is a wonderful way to explore Tasmanias exhibition of food and wine. As I turned eighteen,I have been able to explore the many Tasmanian wines on offer.
    I met my now husband at Festivale four years ago through mutual friends. We both share an appreciation for Tasmanian cuisine.
    There is always room to sit down and eat the wonderful aray of food compared to the Taste festivale down south.
    Sunday is a day I hope to share when we start a family of our own.
    I could go on and on all day about my love affair with Festivale but it has to end sometime. To wait until next year

  35. Festivale is a great summer event in Launceston. City Park, food, music, beer , wine and fun. I remember Festivale when it first started in the streets of Launceston, but the move to City Park is the best.

  36. Chris Rigby says:

    Being a Hobart lad, one would think that the Taste would be a well trodden venue.
    But Festivale is our preffered food and wine spectacular! The openness and variety over the weekend is fantastic and the entertainment is always well worth it, regardless of the weather.
    And Best of all, the room to share the fun with friends is second to none!!!

  37. Tara Piper says:

    Love festivale!! Favorite time of the year, catching up with my favorite girls for some wine and amazing Tassie food!

  38. Attending for the first time this year, have heard nothing but brilliant things about it. so looking forward to it.

  39. Can’t wait to get along to Festivale. Tassie food and wine is so good! :)

  40. Can’t wait!

  41. Festivale is THE best food/bevvy event in Tas, loved by all my family, for so many reasons, yet I think VENUE has to be a MAIN reason. Relaxing amongst the gorgeous greenery is heavenly. Went to Taste (Hobart) last week, and although the food was magnificent, the venue is plain ugly, a substandard environment……

  42. Elizabeth Dominy says:

    Looking forward to Festivale again, its a time to relax with friends, enjoy the food and wine, maybe a little too much.

  43. Love Festivale! Great atmosphere; rain or shine, amazing Tasmanian produce and spent with a bunch of close friends in Launceston’s City Park sounds to me like the perfect weekend :) Bring on Festivale 2013! 25 years and counting!

  44. Lori Hrycyszyn says:

    We love Festivale, would be fab to win tickets!

  45. Wow 25 years Congrats Festivale!! Haven’t been for years and I hear its bigger and better than ever and also seen lots of fantastic photo’s from past years!! Hoping to go this year. I remember the fun run finishing in Festivale. Do you still have a fun run?? Anyway looking forward to enjoy the atmosphere at FESTIVALE :)

  46. Would so love to win tickets to Festivale!! My husband always use the occasion to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

  47. My husband and I have attended Festivale the last five years for our Anniversary. Two nights away from home, loads of laughs, wine and delicious food! We look forward to attending for many years to come =)

  48. Love Festivale!! One of the best weekends with lots of great Tasmanian food and wine!!

  49. Chelsea Porch says:

    Would love to go! :)

  50. This would be an awesome prize to win – fingers crossed!

  51. Geraldine says:

    We love to spend weekends in Launceston and Festivale would be the icing on the cake.

  52. Great event. Congratulations on your 25th. See you there!

  53. Anne Fenton says:

    We would Love to ättend this year, always Love the atmosphere and sampling Tassie’s great Food and wines.

  54. This is a great competition; I admire the work that Think Tasmania is doing in promoting our lovely island!

  55. Festivale is a fantastic event, and I look forward to going every year. My home town of Launceston can be justifiably proud of this wonderful celebration of local food and wine.

  56. Aaaah Festivale time again, I look forward to going every year.
    Love the food, love the drinks, love the entertainment, but most of all I love the atmosphere. The people who work behind the scenes dont get enough praise, from keeping the grounds clean to getting top acts to entertain us.
    Would dearly love to win tickets so I can make the most of Festivale and go every day and not just go 1 or 2 days.

  57. I went for the first time last year and absolutely loved it! Much better than I expected. Lots of shady umbrellas to sit under, great music, entertainment, amazing food stalls & lots of room to move around – unlike the Taste, which is very crowded most of the time.
    It was fantastic – would love to go again! :)

  58. Rebecca Clarke says:

    What a great event to get together with a group of friend and enjoy the best of what tassie has to offer!!

  59. After living and working overseas for far too long, it would be great to check out Festivale – I’ve heard so much about it.

  60. Hi,

    Here’s wishing for some luck,


  61. Hi, thanks for telling us about Festivale. We will be in Tasi from 4th Feb – 4th March. However, I read the article twice & couldn’t find any date for Festivale! Did I miss it, or did you forget. Sounds great anyway.

  62. Love Festivale! We go every year and it’s a great time to catchup with friends as well as try all the great foos and wines.

  63. Alison Carter says:

    I haven’t lived in Tassie long and have not yet made it to Festivale but, I keep getting told that Taste is better! Taste is free to go to. So I am wondering why Launceston charges for the event when Hobart doesn’t.
    It seems counterproductive. I know thousands attend anyway but are we being ripped off?

    • Lou Clark says:

      Hi Alison, Taste is run by Hobart City Council and therefore paid for by Hobart ratepayers. HCC choose not to charge an entry fee. Launceston City Council does not run Festivale. LCC provides a sponsorship of $20,000 but the event costs approximately $750,000 per year to stage. Funding comes from sponsorship, stallholder fees and entry fees. Festivale is run by Launceston Festivale Committee Inc. This committee is a volunteer committee made up of 10 people who employ a full time event and sponsorship co-ordinator, a casual event officer for approximately 5 months of the year and contract a site manager. It would not be possible to stage the event without charging an entry fee. On page 3 of the Festivale program which you can view or download from the Festivale website there is an explanation of ‘Where does your ticket price go’ View or download the program here http://www.festivale.com.au/festivale-program

  64. Festivale is the gustatory highlight of the year! Looking forward to showing off Launceston and Tasmania to my friend, who happens to be visiting from overseas on the weekend of Festivale 2013! So much food and wine to tempt him to visit Tasmania again… Love this place!

  65. My partner and our son are flying over to Launceston especially for festivale this year :) we’re looking forward to it :) free tickets would make it even better :)

  66. I haven’t been for a few years, but Festivale is always great, and a real drawcard for the Launceston.

  67. If you like the Taste in Hobart, you will LOVE Festivale in Launceston. The atmosphere in the park is not to be missed…

  68. Love the food, the wine and atmosphere! Festivale brings Launne to life and showcases the best tastes and experiences of Tasmania. Can’t wait!

  69. Karyn Crew says:

    Fetivale is where I want to be, Please pick me, To send for free, What fun so much to do and see

  70. Would love one of these, have never been!

  71. Yum Yum who wouldn’t want to win these tickets :-)

  72. Festivale sounds fabulous, would love to be able to go with a friend and spend three days of great wine, food and entertainment, at a true showcase of Tasmanian fare and talent.

  73. We would love to be able to take our son, who is visiting us from Cambridge England to festivale. It would leave such a good memory for him to take back to England

  74. Festivalé: what’s not to love. Best in every category of any similar event in Tassie by miles. Superb!

  75. Hope there would be a opportunity for me to experience this stunning festivale this year lol

  76. Julieanne says:

    Enjoy the atmosphere of Festivale good friends, wine,food,entertainment what more could you a13sk for.

  77. Emma Powell says:

    Nom Nom Nom Nom 3 days of food, fun and fresh Tassie produce what more could an overeating girl ask for !!!!

  78. Hope I win , thanks for the opportunity to enter

  79. Please don’t choose this as the winning entry as I’d need to know dates, and even then I don’t think I could get away for 3 days. I just wanted to say: WHAT ARE THE DATES PLEASE?

    • For more information, please visit the Festivale website. You can also follow Festivale on Facebook or download the Festivale program. Tickets are available for purchase from the Launceston Travel and Information Centre or at the gate. 3-day passes similar to those offered in this Festivale giveaway are only available for pre-purchase for a limited time. This year’s event will be held at Launceston City Park 8-10 February.

  80. Jo Stevens says:

    I always go to Festivale, it’s a great place to catch up with friends, enjoy the best food Tassie has to offer, watch some great performances and hear some great music! Viva Festivale!

  81. We always Taste at Hobart and love it – so part of Summer with the Harbour and all the race yachts nearby in the background – and we would love to taste the Festivale as well, in Launceston’s beautiful City Park.

  82. An awesome showcase of fine Tasmanian food and beverages!

  83. Festivale??? YES PLEASE!!!!

  84. I’m just about to move to Lonnie for Uni and would lurrve to go to Festivale. I’ve only ever heard great things but have never been!

  85. I haven’t been to every Festivale, but I can tell you that I’ve attended in a traffic-free St John Street, I’ve watched with my young boys as hundreds of talented people performed, I’ve eaten breakfast at the long table, I’ve sung along with my favourite ABBA songs with a bottle of wine under my skin, I’ve lingered ready to pounce on a vacated table under a shady elm, I’ve watched my now-grown son serving up burgers, and I’ve screamed my lungs from the mosh pit – most recently for my childhood idol Daryl Braithwaite. I can’t wait to do it all again in 2013! Bring it on!!!

  86. Keep up the great work. Love the sound of this comp and could just see myself there :)

  87. Festivale is the best excuse for a catch up with our family and friends in the north of the state – the ultimate venue!
    We love it :)

  88. Gosh, what a lovely prize and so many of us wanting to win! There is nothing better than a lovely summer’s evening in City Park with excellent food, drink and entertainment, what a combination!

  89. There always seems to be something fun on in Launie!

  90. I have some international guests staying at the Launceston Bed and breakfast Retreat and it would be great to be able to give some tickets to the guests.

  91. And that marks the official close of the Festivale Giveaway. What a fabulous response… and no wonder, with such a popular event. We’ll be drawing the name of the random winner soon and making all the appropriate announcements and contacts. Good luck everyone.

  92. I’ve been trying to delete my other comment as I’m now in a position to want to win. :)

  93. Hi,

    Have you had the draw yet? Just wondering who the lucky winner is.


    • Hi Dale – yes, the draw has been conducted, and the winner (Veronica) advised. See reply under her entry, which was lodged 7 January. We also made the announcement on Twitter and Facebook. Better luck next time.

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