Factory Outlets: Shopping for Bargains in Tassie

We’ve been thinking about a question posed by Belle, one of our readers for our 6pm (forum o’clock) time slot on Facebook. Are there any good factory outlets in Tasmania?

Factory Outlets - IXL Jam Factory Buildings, Hobart

The IXL Jam Factory heritage buildings on the Hobart Waterfront

Finding Factory Outlets in Tasmania

It’s a good question, but not one we’ve had answered via social media. So we’re asking here too. Do you have any favourite factory outlets in Tasmania? We’ll start the ball rolling, but we’d love you to suggest any additional factory outlets you know about by leaving a reply in the comments section below.

One of our favourite places to search for a bargain has always been the Australian Weaving Mills. Towels in every colour and size and all at reasonable prices, accompanied by great friendly service from the staff. Sadly, we’ve heard the Devonport operations are not the same any more; we understand the company moved their Tasmanian base to Victoria. It’s possible the store is still there (or somewhere else in Devonport) and we’d love for someone to confirm the details.

Factory Outlets - Australian Weaving Mills, Devonport

The Australian Weaving Mills Factory Outlet in Devonport (photo taken 2011)

Gina Scott from Platypus Park Country Retreat mentioned a Sheridan Factory Outlet in Invermay Road, Launceston (and we believe there’s also a similar version in Elizabeth Street, Hobart). We have no personal knowledge of either business… are the “pillows, quilts, towels, blankets, bed sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, bed skirts and mattress protectors” made in Tasmania, or are they imported from elsewhere? It’s a starting point, at least.

Here’s some of the factory outlets we do know more about. These opportunities for a little retail therapy have all been featured on Think Tasmania

Cadbury Visitor Centre

You can only purchase chocolate from the retail store if you buy a tour ticket for the Cadbury factory outlet’s visitors centre. Once you’ve paid the entrance fee, you can bypass the tour and go straight to the shop if that’s your main aim. The tour guides do give visitors some freebies though!

Address: 100 Cadbury Road, Claremont

Factory Outlets - Cadbury Visitor Centre

Cadbury Visitor Centre, one of our favourite factory outlets in Tasmania!

Wicked Cheese Factory Outlet

You can actually watch the cheese-making process at the Wicked Cheese factory outlet. Samples are offered for tasting as well as sales of a great range of award-winning cheese products. A providore of other Tasmanian goodies complement the cafe for an in-depth foodie experience.

Address: 1238 Richmond Road, Richmond

Factory Outlets - Wicked Cheese

Freshly made products from the Wicked Cheese Factory Outlet

The House of Anvers

The House of Anvers is an award-winning chocolate factory and cafe between Devonport and the town of Latrobe in the north west coast region of Tasmania. Visit for tastings, peruse the chocolate museum and enjoy family-friendly dining. Watch the chocolate being processed, then make your selection from the factory outlet’s retail store.

Address: 9025 Bass Highway, Latrobe.

Factory Outlets - House of Anvers

A boutique factory outlet, the House of Anvers is open to the public

Mures Seafood Factory Outlet

On most weekdays and Saturday mornings, customers can purchase seafood from the wholesale factory outlet of the iconic Tasmanian business, Mures. They sell a wide range of fish, much of which is caught locally by the very fishermen employed by the business. Mures value-add too, making pates, smoked fish, soups, marinated seafoods and specialty platters.

Address: 77 Chapel street, Glenorchy

Factory Outlets - Mures Seafood

Fresh fish sold by Mures Seafood (photo by Anelda Lotter)

Bruny Island Providore

Popular with tourists, customers can purchase the Island Produce Tasmania brand of fudge, truffles and chocolate products from the boutique Bruny Island Providore. The sweet treats are made in a commercial kitchen on-site, and one of the smaller factory outlets we’ve so far come across also sells souvenir-style gifts.

Address: 53 Adventure Bay Road, Bruny Island

Factory Outlet - Bruny Island Providore

Fudge, truffles and chocolates sold at the Bruny Island Providore

Pyengana Dairy

In north-east Tasmania, head to Pyengana Dairy for cheese tastings and sales of the product made on-site. Watch the cheese-makers at work making the award-winning cheese; see the source of the fresh milk, as the dairy cows are also close to the action. A cafe, a small providore and giftware selection complete the factory outlet experience.

Address: St Columba Falls Rd, Pyengana

Factory Outlets - Pyengana Dairy

Award-winning cheese tasting at Holy Cow Cafe at Pyengana Dairy

The Honey Farm

Between Deloraine and Mole Creek in the north-west region of Tasmania, customers can visit the Honey Farm. A museum and retail centre focus on all things honey, including the manuka variety lauded for its health benefits. Brightly coloured, the factory outlet (for want of a better name!) sells food, skincare and gifts, and is extremely popular with tourists.

Address: 39 Sorell St, Chudleigh

Factory Outlets - The Honey Farm

The Honey Farm in Chudleigh (photo by Dan Fellow)

Herbaceous Tours

Clearly there’s a pattern developing here. All the factory outlets we’ve featured involve food and drink! One person who knows the producers of fine Tasmanian food better than most, is Sally from Herbaceous Tours. We had an outstanding experience during our Hobart’s Hidden Pantries adventure, which included a stop at Valhalla Icecream in Moonah. Give Sally a call on 0416 970 699 to arrange an in-depth discovery of local food production.

Web Address: Herbaceous Tours

Factory Outlets - Herbaceous Tours

Visit the Valhalla Icecream factory outlet with Herbaceous Tours

Island Markets Tasmanian Liquidation Outlet

Part of the large indoor Island Markets, the Tasmanian Liquidation Outlet offers all manner of bargains. They have a large book section, and sell clothing, bags, blankets and toiletries. The clearance stock is sourced from various factories, not necessarily made in Tasmania. However, it should be noted that we haven’t been shopping there in ages, and we did hear a whisper about Island Markets… at least one of their factory outlets may be closing soon.

Address: 54-56 Gormanston Road, Moonah

Factory Outlets - Tasmanian Liquidation, Island Markets

Tasmanian Liquidation Outlet: Island Markets, Moonah

Tasmanian Markets: The Ultimate Factory Outlets

Perhaps the ultimate in the grass-roots factory outlet is the humble market stall. Tasmania has a wealth of markets scattered all over the state… every weekend, in every direction, you’ll find makers showcasing their talents. Food, wine, craft, art, clothing, toys… you name it, there’s bound to be someone making it (and selling it!) in Tassie.

Address: see our Markets and Shopping category

Factory Outlets - Harvest Launceston Market

Harvest Launceston fresh-food market (photo by Dan Fellow)

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  1. Lesley Parker says:

    What a great idea! The Hidden Pantries tour is now on the ‘must do’ list. Does anyone have any info on outlets for shop-soiled goods, especially kitchen equipment such as gas stoves? Who minds a little scratch here and there?

    • That’s great to hear, Lesley. You’ll have a fabulous time with Sally, and have the opportunity to pick up some beautiful and unique products. Enjoy your tour.

  2. Boks Bacon – Chapel St, glenorchy. Tasmanian leatherwood honey cured bacon as well as about 5 other wonderful flavours made in the family’s old Dutch curing tradition. The flavour of this award winning bacon is so intense that you only need half the quantity you usually use. I cant recommend it highly eniugh. They also make flavoured sausages to die for.
    Other outlets:
    Two metre Tall Brewery, Gretna. They have a Farm Bar on Fridays where you can taste all their beers and ciders on tap and cool their hops fed wagyu beef on the BBQ.
    Larks Distillery
    Cascade Brewery
    Nant’s Distillery
    All taking advantage of Tassie’s beautiful water.

  3. With thanks to our Facebook follower Jayne, we can report a little more about the AWM factory outlet in Devonport…
    “The store is still out the front of the factory in Tasman street. I expect it will also close now that the factory has closed, but it is still open at the moment. They have some fantastic curtains and roller blinds there this week.”

  4. Tamaresque says:

    Ashgrove Cheese on the Bass Highway just north of Deloraine. They make the cheese onsite and have a great selection inclucing, my favourite, Wasabi cheese!

  5. Mary Ebert says:

    we found a fresh seafood place, processing, and packaging, for buying ones’ own, to cook.. Georgetown. Cooked food was available too. It is located in what seems a quiet out of the way ‘industrial’ or commercial zone.

  6. Greg James says:

    Australian Weaving Mills (Devonport factory outlet) still there, even though all production gone to mainland. Head office still in Devonport. How screwed is that ? Fear it is only a matter of time ……

  7. That does sound like a rather mixed-up scenario, doesn’t it Greg? Let’s hope as many people as possible can keep their current jobs in Tassie.

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