Eastlands… Just to Even Up the Score!

Eastlands.  What is that exactly?

Eastlands is the largest shopping centre in Tasmania.  And because I’m always banging on about markets in Tassie and how fabulous they are, I thought it was about time I mentioned some good things about another form of retail therapy.

Eastlands - Fashion

Retail therapy at Eastlands Shopping Centre

Eastlands, Rosny Park – Location

Eastlands is east of Hobart (go figure!) in the suburb of Rosny Park.  Located in Bligh Street, the shopping centre is about 4kms from the Hobart CBD.


There is a Metro Tasmania bus interchange on the doorstep, so shoppers can use public transport.  I always take my car, though.  Unlike shopping centres in Melbourne, I’ve yet to encounter a problem finding a car park.

Eastlands - Shopping Centre

Eastlands Shopping Centre: Rosny Park, Tasmania

For short-term parking by the supermarkets, you can enter from Bligh Street near the bus mall, opposite the Village Cinema and Entertainment Complex.  If it’s raining, there’s plenty of undercover parking in the multi-level car park on the western side near Rosny Farm.  Failing that, you can park near the entrance to Big W on the roof top and make a run for it!  The main entrance opposite the Bellerive marina (Kangaroo Bay) has the remainder of the parking spaces (a total of about 1,450).

Eastlands - KMart & Wendys

KMart and Wendys: inside Kangaroo Bay entrance to Eastlands

Shopping Centre – Trading Hours

Eastlands is open seven days, with Coles and Woolworths open from 7am to 10pm every day.  Smaller stores seem to set their own hours, but most are open at least until 4pm each day.


The larger national chain outlets (like KMart and Big W) are open until 9pm weekdays.  For exact hours, check the shopping centre trading hours on the Eastlands website.  They also have a great store finder page.

Eastlands - ABC Shop

Eastlands: national chains have stores at Rosny Park

Markets v Eastlands Shopping Centre

There’s no denying it: scouring a market is high on the list of fun Tasmanian things to do.  But sometimes you need mass produced goods!  Please don’t take that the wrong way – when it comes to buying jocks and socks, you don’t think market, do you?  And the true AFL supporter wants the official gear, not something from the “Knitted by Nana” stall (no matter how cute!).

Eastlands - AFL

Eastlands stock gear for the keen AFL supporters in Tasmania

When it comes to food though, I’m inclined to lean towards the market scene.  We all need staples from the supermarket, but there’s such an amazing range of Tasmanian products to eat and drink, why would you choose the shopping centre variety?  Maybe when it’s raining; and you’re at Eastlands to stock up on underwear; and you get a little peckish…  At least there’s options!

Eastlands - Bakers Delight

Supermarkets & specialty food retailers at Eastlands

If you’ve shopped so hard you find yourself in need
of a massage, Kings Healthcare at Eastlands can help you.
But be warned – just because the masseuse is a tiny Chinese woman,
don’t expect a gentle, relaxing little rub.
She’s much tougher than she looks!

Map: Eastlands, Rosny Park Tasmania


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