Ducks at the Richmond Bridge

Ducks - Coal River

Following a query from a concerned reader about the demise of the ducks, we went on a little journey to Richmond. That’s right… there are no limits to the investigative missions we undertake for the sake of Think Tasmania! We did visit back in May, but we’re sharing the results now because it’s school holiday time in […]

Tasmanian Devils in the Spotlight

Devils - Tasmanian

Over the years I have spent much time with Tasmanian Devils nipping at my toes while photographing them. I’m attaching some of my best images for you. Note… one of my camera filters still has a tooth scratch in it, a testament to the aggressive behavior of Tasmanian Devils! Save the Tassie Devils by Dan Fellow […]

Tasmanian Softies at Spiky Bridge

Spiky - Bridge, Tasmanian Softies

Every time we share information about our Doozie, from the Tasmanian Softies range, we’re asked the same question. Where can we buy one? We took this latest batch of  photos at Spiky Bridge near Swansea, and some of them have already hit social media. As we told Angela Wilson, the maker of the Tassie Devils, our model […]

Salt Works, Where Are You?

Salt Works - Innovative

We were inspired to visit the Lisdillon Salt Works by Margaret Morgan of Sheoks Bed and Breakfast in Coles Bay. Margaret has written several terrific articles for Think Tasmania, detailing her local knowledge of the east coast. One of those articles included a piece about the historic Salt Works site at Little Swanport. Despite Margaret’s precise directions however, we […]

Adopting Tasmanian Devils At Cradle Mountain

Devils at Cradle - Lucky

Tasmanian Softies are all about the preservation of our very own iconic Tasmanian Devil. We’re doing all we can to ensure we still have the Tasmanian Devil in 20, 30 and 50 years from now. We support the great work the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program is doing through research, education, devil-breeding and building up […]

Adventure Bay on Bruny Island… A Stay Away

Adventure Bay on Bruny Island - Lookout

A weekend spent at the small township of Adventure Bay on Bruny Island has made me realise again that we must be greatful for the beautiful part of the world we live in. Such amazing views into the glory that is nature! Images From Adventure Bay on Bruny Island by Anelda Lötter We stayed two nights in Adventure Bay on […]

Summer in Tasmania by Carol Haberle

Summer - Burnie Waterfront

Summer, 1st December to 28th/29th February, is the season when we can appreciate our cool temperate maritime climate. Influenced by the oceans surrounding our island state, Tasmania escapes searing heat and high humidity. Average Summer temperatures in Tasmania are between 17° and 23° Celsius (62° and 73° Fahrenheit) but we do occasionally record temperatures right […]