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We work really hard to research, photograph and write articles about all things Tasmanian. Things you’ve always wanted to know about Australia’s holiday island state. And probably some things you didn’t even know existed.

Whether you’re visiting Tasmania or one of the locals, we’ll share stories and pictures showing just how beautiful Tassie can be. Tasmanians from Hobart, from Launceston and from every corner of this gorgeous island, are very lucky to have some of the best things on offer in Australia. And Think Tasmania wants to convince you of that fact too!

Think Tasmania - Table Cape Tulips

Tulips on Table Cape in full bloom (photo by Carol Haberle)

Tasmanian Writers and Photographers

We live right here in Tasmania (permanently!) so we have hands-on experience. We visit the regions and towns to get the story and take the photos. And it’s a pleasure to share those articles and images with you. We hope you enjoy reading about Tassie as much as we enjoy living here.

Think Tasmania - Seafood Basket

Tasmanian seafood on the Hobart waterfront (photo by Anelda Lotter)

We’re not JUST about tourism, either. Some Tasmanian tourism icons are must-have inclusions for any respectable website about the southern-most state of Australia, so we’ll visit them and give you an honest opinion. We also aim to cover the less-commercial end of the scale: secret things only a local might know. We talk about Tasmania as a place to live, work, shop, rest and play for locals and visitors alike. And of course, if you’re thinking of moving to Tasmania, there’s plenty of helpful information right here on our website.

Tassie Highlights Featured by Think Tasmania

Think Tasmania - Wildlife Wombat

Wombat in a Tasmanian national park (photo by Dan Fellow)

So if that’s the sort of thing you’re after, feel free to browse. We’d love to have your company; if you want to leave a comment you’re welcome to do so. Make a request or touch base with us by contacting Think Tasmania. Hopefully once you’ve seen our website you’ll love Tasmania as much as we do. Although THAT may not be possible!

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  1. Hi Tania
    We have just been looking at the Think Tasmania website and want to let you know how helpful it has been.
    A group of us from the mainland are planning a trip to Tassie later on this year and are interested in places to visit, accommodation available, suggestions on where to eat, etc.
    We will continue to check out the site to plan on where we can stay and where to visit when we come over.
    Congratulations on all the excellent information you are providing, keep up the good work, we will certainly tell others if they intend coming to Tassie to check out your website.

    • Thank you Jan! It’s always lovely to hear from our readers and we’re always happy to be of assistance! Good luck planning your holiday. I’m sure you’ll have a spectacular time when you get here. We’d love to hear from you again about where you did decide to stay/visit/eat etc.
      All the best…

  2. I would just like to say how interesting I am finding your website,my family are coming to Hobart in October then after the kids go home my wife & I will be spending sometime in Launceston to do some travelling around.seeing all the places to eat & things to see I am sure that our trip will be very memorable.

  3. Linda, Gordon and 4 Kids says:

    Thanks for a great website, it is helping with our relocation to Tassie to live in December 2012. We are popping over in December this year for our final look before we move over, and searching for a house to purchase.
    We will be moving into the Ulverstone area as our children will be attending Leighton Christian School and would love to see some more articles on this area if we could please.
    Can’t wait to move over for a more simple, relaxed life. Now to start and look for work or start our own business again.
    Would love to make contact with people around this area before we move as we are moving over without knowing anyone or any family there, just love the place to bits.
    Cheers, Linda

    • Lovely to hear from you, Linda & Co. Glad you like the website, and we’ll make every attempt to post more about Ulverstone.
      And you’re right, it is a fabulous area. We’ll pass on any details we receive from others on your behalf.
      Good luck with the move…
      Regards, Tania

    • Hi Linda, great to hear you are moving to Ulverstone you and your children will love it. I moved to Ulverstone 5 years ago with Primary, High and College aged children. They were made so welcome and fitted into the community very easily. I have started up my small business and thoroughly enjoy it here. So welcome and hope you find the same satisfaction that I have.

      Cheers Kim
      Leven River Cruises

    • Trudy Basire says:

      Hi Tania, just read your bit about moving to Ulverstone. We moved here (now in Turners Beach) at the start of this year (Jan 2013) from NZ. We don’t have kids at home anymore so for us – me especially – meeting new people has been a bit more difficult. However, we love the place and are glad that we moved here. I have joined the Red Hat Society and slowly getting to meet new people. I hope you are enjoying your new life in the peace and tranquility of the North West Coast.

  4. Jeniffer Thompson says:

    My hubby and I are first timers to Tassie and have loved every hill… plus the walking tracks, adventures, towns, weather, scenery, people and wildlife along the way. We came across Tania at Hollybank Treetop Adventures, we had an awesome time zipping along the treetops. Tania herself we found warm, polite and friendly.
    You’re doing an awesome job on your site, keep it up :)
    All the best from Adelaide, SA
    Adam and Jen

    • Thanks Jen! It was lovely to meet you and Adam too, and hear all about your trip to Tasmania. Have a safe trip back… hope the boat is kind to you (and Adam enjoys his flight!!). Make sure you let us know if you visit Tasmania again.
      Kind Regards,

  5. Hi Tania,

    Just wanted to comment on Roger & Jeanette’s article.

    The people on King Island as they found out, are just so friendly and approachable, it’s one of the reasons that makes King Island so special.

    Kind Regards
    John & Rhonda

    • Thanks John & Rhonda. Roger has a great gift for writing about the places he’s been, the things he’s done and the terrific local Tasmanian people he’s met on his holidays here. Everyone always wants to go where he’s been!

  6. Hi Tania,
    I will be in Tasmania for christmas, your website is really helpfull, thanks.

  7. Hi Tania,
    I just discovered your great website. Me and my husband will be visiting lovely Tasmania in the end of December, for two weeks. I can’t wait to go, thanks to your site……!

  8. Shelley Charlton says:

    Hi, My partner, Terry, and I are just waiting to sell our house in the
    UK before coming to live on the wonderful Island of Tasmania – your
    website is a constant reminder of why we prefer Taz to the rest of
    Australia – it is keeping us in touch until we finally land – the only
    problem is it is making the waiting harder. Please keep up the great
    work and be very, very aware of how important and valuable the site is
    to us “Australian Residents Abroad” while we wait to actually use the
    Visas we have worked so hard to achieve – hope to see you all very
    soon. Best regards to the Island and all who live there. Shelley and

    • Thanks for your very kind words Shelly & Terry. It’s messages like yours that make us keep working really hard to make Think Tasmania even better. Good luck with the sale and the move… you’ll love it here!
      Regards, Tania

  9. Great site. I just popped over to read Ruby Victoria Letterpress Story. Thanks for getting things done for our island home.

    If you have a thing for markets/events i would love to add to it. I run the Made with Love market and I am creative manager with our local Art Centre.
    Ta Mxo

  10. Hi Everyone at Think Tasmania
    I think this web site is the best thing since sliced bread. I am referring my friends to take a look all the time. All comments are straight from the heart of people love our island home. Well done and keep it coming.
    regards Janine

    • Thank you so much for your support Janine – what a great wrap up!! We do have a wonderful group of people contributing to Think Tasmania, and don’t worry… we’re not going anywhere!

  11. Hi Tania
    We would just like to wish you & all your contributors/readers a Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year. Keep up the good work keeping us all informed on your great state of Tasmania, we can’t wait to holiday there again.
    Cheers (Ho!Ho!Ho!)
    Wayne & Julie Cartwright

  12. Planning to visit Australia and Tasmania next year, probably for Hobart race. Your website is a gem, so helpful.

  13. This site is well presented and reflects Tasmania as it is. Great work, Think Tasmania

  14. Visit Oslo says:

    Amazing place and beautiful pictures. I am DEFINITELY gonna visit Taz, sometime soon… Thanks for a great article and the beautiful pictures.

  15. Hi, just wanted to say that you have a really nice website and it is really helpful to me since I’m planning to visit Tasmania with my wife this summer! I cant wait!! :)

  16. Hi,
    Thanks Tania for the newsletter with lots of information on it. We have already visited Tasmania twice, both East and West coast and found them both incredibly beautiful, but is still nice to get feedback about plenty of other places we want to visit again in 2013. We just enjoy Tasmania so much, it’s just a great place to holiday and visit all the tourist attractions. It’s good to see your photos, which we can relate to where we have been and next where we will go.

    • You’re more than welcome Lyn. Glad to hear you are enjoying the newsletter, and have fond memories of your holidays to Tasmania. May there be plenty more!

  17. Roseann says:

    As you may be aware I have become a regular fan of Carol Haberle’s articles – what a gem you found in her! Don’t suppose all her articles could be placed under special heading for ease of finding – I tell a lot of people about them and the older ones are now more difficult to find when scrolling. I only found out by accident that she actually replies to our comments, is there some way we can be notified? The tick box has disappeared so am now not even getting notification of new articles, only via the newsletter. Am enjoying the site, thank you Tania.

    • Hi Roseann
      All our regular contributors have a page listing their own articles, so Carol for example… http://www.think-tasmania.com/carol-haberle
      If all things go to plan, Carol’s articles will appear every Friday. We also use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (as well as the newsletter) to keep all our readers up to date with new material. I’ve asked the IT manager to replace the tick box in the comments section for you too. Glad to hear you are enjoying the site, and you’re right… Carol is a true gem!
      Kind Regards,

  18. Congratulations on this wonderful site. Thrilled to see that Dan Fellow is contributing also. What a talented Photographer he is.
    Bright Blessings

  19. donna crisp says:

    Hi guys…we are moving to Tassie next year and would like some suggestions on some great areas to live..I am sure they are all terrific though..thanks heaps Donna

    • Hello Donna, thanks for joining us. We think all of Tasmania is wonderful, so it comes down to personal preference when choosing a place to live. Rural, coastal, city, mountain… there’s so many choices. You might like to start with two articles we’ve already published for others looking to make the move to Tasmania…
      Arty Pair ~ Kym and Sarah
      Irish Family ~ Marie, Sean and Daniel
      We wish you all the very best with your quest.
      Regards, Tania

  20. Kathy Crawford says:

    Just to let you know, I visited Derby in north east Tasmania last week.
    Browsed the HOBBYT’s Dragon Art Gallery and workshop. Bought some sprouting seeds from Rangeview seeds and a bird mosaic feeder.
    Met a couple of lovely residents.
    Next time you are driving through Main Road DERBY… POP in. !
    It’s good to hear stories and showing positive, community endeavours.

  21. Congratulations to all concerned for this wonderfully informative site. It’s great to see such passionate people talking about this wonderful state that we live in, the jewel in the Australian crown.

  22. Colleen O'Byrne says:

    Wonderful website a holiday would just be heaven for me.

  23. Dean Quinlivan says:

    So glad I found this website, I love living in this State and you guys have made it one step better! Have posted your link on my fb page to show my overseas and Aussie friends just what they are missing out on – lot’s of positive comments already. Well done and keep up the excellent work.

    • We’re glad you found us too, Dean! Thanks for sharing our website, we really appreciate your support… and we’ll definitely be adding stories all the time. Welcome.

  24. I would just like to say thank you for your wonderful website. My husband and I are coming down after New Year to Look around before moving down. Your site has given us so much more to explore while visiting that we are even more excited. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  25. Just broke the back of the home reno with a new bathroom and laundry, a few decking boards, a bit of paint and a few minor details to finish. Been working my butt off since returning from Tasmania a week ago. Can’t wait till we are walking off the boat for the last time. To be standing on our new property as our container arrives from the mainland is a dream within reach now. I could just sit here and dribble on all day about Tasmania and all it has to offer. It ain’t no piece of rock covered in ice and populated by two headed people that’s for sure! It’s an awesome place that has to be seen to be believed. I’ve been down a couple of times and spent most of that driving 4500kms on the last trip just ruling areas in and out for habitation. I couldn’t find a place I wouldn’t live in. I was even approached by people wondering if i was looking for work. Make no mistake, I’ve travelled around Australia for 25 years and I’ve never been taken by any place like I have been with Tasmania. To have travelled there and returned knowing that my wife and I could live in such a breathtaking place is a blessing. A moment in Tasmania and you will be hooked.

  26. Thanks Tania but it didn’t take much to convert me. Mountain ranges, wild rivers, empty beaches and bays, untouched forests and open plains that just bring a smile to your face when your amongst it. I drove on dirt tracks that make South Australian hwys envious. Sure there’s a few rough spots but when you’re in the middle of nowhere the road seems obsolete. Yer, we are looking forward to growing our own food, a couple of chickens maybe. Looking forward to that view every morning as the fog swirls in the morning light over a nice mountain scene with water in the distance. You know what Im talking about. S nice trip to a market or fair which occur weekly. Cheap house, cheap rates and a nice little stream to sit by. How does it get any better?

  27. Angelo stanghi says:

    Went to Tasmania 20 years ago for owe hunny moon loved it would love to go back highly recommend .great site keek up the good work guys

  28. Nicky and Steve says:

    Good Day,
    Me and My Husband had just finish watching your episodes for tonight,and it was fantastic! You leave us wanting for more.Especially with that cheese with saffron,what a cheese! And My husband is dying to taste that Gin made from bitter sour blue little thing,hehhehehe.
    Now we want to know how much would be the cost for the hamper deliveries to DARWIN,N.T Australia.
    Looking forward for your reply.
    Thank you…
    Your No.1 fan in Darwin…
    Have a good day <3<3<3

  29. Awesome website Tania and awesome description of tasmania. I think I just found another place for visiting!


    I love everything about Tasmania it is a little heaven on earth and I cannot way to go back and explore more of it’s natural beauty and produce

  31. Fantastic info on the website Tania. I’m planning a trip to Tassie next month.

  32. Susan Jones says:

    Found your website when looking for information on the Par Avion South West Heritage Tour. What a discovery! Packed full of great info.

  33. Catharina Visser says:

    How do you enter for the Cradle Mountain competition?
    Catharina Visser

  34. Tassie has always been on our to do list after looking at this fab site we are more intrigued and eager to visit

  35. Came to Tassie in February of last year. Am desperate to come back!

  36. Ros Keogh says:

    We moved to Margate a month ago. I’d be interested to meet some other newcomers. I’ve looked for some sort of New To Tassie” Club but so far haven’t found any.
    We also have a small family business but are finding it hard to get established. Maybe when Christmas is over things may pick up.

    • Volunteer for absolutely anything but preferably something you enjoy – you will find yourself with friends immediately

    • Karol Smith says:

      My husband & I have just recently returned from Tassie after a 2 week break, we had never been to Tassie before but fell in love with it & are thinking of moving to Margate. Could you tell me what it’s like living there as we are from the Sunshine Coast Qld. We are finding it’s getting too busy here on the coast, also Qld weather seems to be getting hotter, it’s time for a cool change. Thank you Karol

      • Hi Karol
        We’ll post your question about Margate to our Facebook forum as well… maybe some others can give you some opinions and suggestions as well.
        Good luck with the move to Tasmania!
        Regards, Tania

  37. If you have not seen Maria island, you have not seen the most stunning area in Tassie!! Maria island is part of the national parks. A must see, must walk, must snorkel!! Camp on the island in penitentiary ( bring camp / sleep gear) or bring own tent. Beautiful, stunning and a real getaway…

    • Re Maria.
      There is no shops, gold coin operated showers, drink water from tank, need to bring plenty of food. Gas BBQ on the island. It is a stunning get away out of the busyness of life, away from electronics into real nature. plenty of wild life, say hello to Mr wombat, the possum family and listen to the Tassie devil yelling at you! :)

  38. gary price says:

    Hi Tania. I just “discovered” your website arising from an interest in Auroras. I came back and have just spent the last hour cruising round your site. Very impressed. I was also captured by your article on the Little Blue Penguin. I am one of the tour guides here in Bicheno. I really wanted to share in my praise for what you are doing. As President of the Bicheno Community Development Association (BCDA) I will be recommending your site to others. Thank you for a job well done

    ciao g

    • Thanks so much for your support and lovely feedback, Gary. Welcome… so glad you found us. Maybe we’ll cross paths in Bicheno one day, a beautiful part of the world.

  39. Kerry Brandenburg says:

    I am readying my Sunshine Coast house for sale to flee to Tasmania to start my Great Big Tasmanian adventure. I read Mick’s blog and I, too, find it really difficult to choose where I want to live, as anyone would be spoiled for choice. My list of favourites on real estate.com resembles the Epic of Gilgamesh but think the area around Dover is very special. I love the cool winters and its landscape and cannot wait to be a resident. I found Think Tasmania by accident one day, and love the information available for people like me who are not yet living the dream. Thank you, Think Tasmania……but thanks to your wonderful site, you have made it even more difficult to decide where to live! Bouquets from Kerry

  40. You’re welcome Kerry… and sorry, all at the same time, for confusing the issue! Rest assured all of Tasmania is pretty wonderful. Enjoy the adventure and all the best with the BIG move.

  41. I’m loving your web site. I lived in Hobart for a few months in 2008 and hope to move there permanently later on this year. Your articles and photos are feeding my Tassie lust.

    • Hey Carmen, thanks for the lovely feedback. We love to showcase Tassie as a great place to visit and live. Good luck with the sea change/tree change… you’ll be made to feel most welcome.

  42. Karol Smith says:

    Really enjoyed think tasmania thank you Karol

  43. TASMANIAN WOOD JEWELLERY would like to let everyone know that we now ONLY sell our products, (Wood jewellery) & Hand Made by Adrienne (Bead Jewellery, scarves, bags & crazy hats) at WATERFALLS CAFE, MT FIELD NATIONAL PARK.
    We would like to thank Think Tasmania for their continued support.

    • You’re welcome for the support, Adrienne. And we’ll share your message via social media too, because it’s another great reason for readers to visit Waterfalls Cafe Mt Field National Park (members of Think Tasmania). All the best, Tania

  44. I’ll be in Tasmania this July. I would like to see the oldest and tallest trees in the Styx river valley. Is there someone who does tours or who could drive with my family and me? Thanks, John

    • Hi John… here’s a link to our member tour operators, hopefully one of them will be able to help you. Unfortunately the Top of the World Tour we featured (including the Styx Valley) is no longer an option, although expressions of interest were called for a new operator. Maybe they’ll have someone in place by July. Good luck, and enjoy your holiday.

  45. Peter Jackson Phillips says:

    Hello, I live in the UK. I would like some photo’s of the Mt. Bischoff Tin Mine site if there is anybody in Tassie who might have some I would be very grateful for copies. Please send to
    Many thanks

  46. Hi, I will be leaving to Tasmania on this 2nd December, arriving at the Hobart Airport around 7PM. We are a bunch of Malaysian girls (4 to be exact) just trying to have a short getaway from exams. We will be driving around Tasmania for 4 days, from Hobart up until the Bay of Fires, and we’ll stop a few places in between. You see, I’m a very much of a paranoid girl, and I was just wondering, is there anything I need to take extra precautions of while I’m there? I’m quite scared of driving after dark, should we not be doing that? or it’s nothing to be worried about?

    Thank you for your reply in advance. :)

    • Hello Syahira
      Congratulation for finishing exams, always a great feeling. You’ll have a terrific time in Tasmania. You do need to take extra care when driving during dusk and dawn (and evening time) in particular, for wildlife will often cross the roads. A little extra caution than normal, driving to the conditions and be sure to take care of yourselves. If you can be at your accommodation before dark, that would be the best scenario, although we understand not always possible for such a short stay.
      Have a fabulous trip, and please do take care.
      Regards, Tania

  47. Calvin N says:

    HI I am going to move from Dallas TX to Hobart TAs in the last week of Jan to start an exciting new job. I came to the US 8 years ago to do my Master’s degree in Computer Science and ended up staying for a while here. I have taken a giant leap of faith to make this journey and hope to settle down in Hobart if it suits me. Glad to have found this website. I would appreciate any help and advice you guys can give me. Thanks!

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